1. Recognise you position within the family as a carer, if you think you maybe one then you are!
2. Build a list of contact names and useful phone numbers.
3. Register yourself as a carer.
4. Request a Carers Assessment for support through your local council social services office.
5. Request a needs assessment for support through your local council social services office.
6. Make sure you are receiving all relevant financial help and benefits.
7. Make sure your career has all appropriate aids to make life easier.
8. Use pharmacy services such as blister packs, prescription ordering and delivery services to stay on top of medication orders. 
9. Find out what support groups may be able to help you in your community or through Facebook.
10. Don’t suffer in silence and always ask questions and reach out to people when you need help.
11. Keep a diary of symptoms, treatment, contacts, advice etc.
12. Recognise when you need outside help. It is not a weakness.
13. If you are paying for outside help and it is meeting your expectations, change it!

14. Make sure to make time for yourself. It can be difficult but taking 'me time' will also help you as a carer.